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Quore Advisors North Carolina

Where It All Began

Quore Real Estate Advisors is a boutique commercial real estate firm that brings a national perspective and forward-thinking approaches to real estate projects. Launched in 2022 under the leadership of Antoine Dennard, the firm is dedicated to making an impact throughout the industry as a trusted source within the real estate industry.

Quore’s vision is to build a customer driven-culture and be a trusted source for its clients’ exponential growth. As a boutique firm with a national mindset, Quore Real Estate Advisors will empower its teams and clients by providing a forward-thinking and collaborative culture. 

The Partners

Antoine Dennard Quore Advisors

Antoine Q. Dennard

Antoine Dennard, Partner at Quore Real Estate Advisors, has been actively involved in many facets of the commercial real estate industry for nearly two decades. His long history of involvement with high-profile projects in the United States and Canada has positioned him as an industry leader with diverse experience in the Southeast and Midwest markets.


He currently serves on the Board of Commissioners for INLIVIAN (the former Charlotte Housing Authority). In addition, he has previously served on the Mecklenburg County Redistricting Advisory Board and as NC President of African American Real Estate Professionals North Carolina Chapter.

Mike Griffin Quore Advisors

Mike Griffin

Mike Griffin, Partner at Griffin Brothers Companies, has years of experience managing and leading a diversified family business which includes Property Development & Management, Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Management, Golf & Hospitality, and partnering with young dynamic entrepreneurs via ZoomUp Investments. Since joining the company in 1987, he has been creating opportunities and inspiring generational change. Mike is passionate about helping others, serving the Charlotte community and providing new opportunities. 

Contact Mike

Our Mission

Quore Real Estate Advisors’ mission is to inspire innovation and service through a relationship-driven culture that our clients, team members, and communities can achieve their personal and professional goals. We will foster growth and build trust with our clients by investing in, growing, and cultivating leaders who will make an impact to build a diversified portfolio, powered by a diversified team.

Our Values


It is our guarantee to offer out-of-the-box problem-solving, to take a new approach with an open mind and to offer a solution that goes beyond what has always been done. We believe in moving forward and finding inspiration in the every day. 


It is when we come together with our different walks of life, perspectives and experiences that we are at our best. We believe in working together to find the best solutions for our clients, team members and communities.


It is our commitment to be a trusted resource for our clients, teammates and communities so that they can reach their personal and professional goals. We understand leadership is more than a title, it is relationship-driven and something to not be taken lightly.


As part of our relationship-driven culture, we firmly believe in building trust by doing what we say we will do. It is our commitment to listen to you, act with your best interest in mind and follow through.

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